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Denver Lewis
Conference Content Mgr, Natural Products Expo West 2017
Sue Heilbronner is a transformational speaker. She exemplifies conscious leadership and challenges her audiences to harness vulnerability in a powerful way. Her interactive presentation style and endearing zest are captivating, inspiring and absolutely magical. I could not be more pleased with her work and her spirit.
Chantal Peirrat
Founder and CEO, Emerging Women
Sue is damned funny and refreshingly authentic. In today's evolving business landscape, it's great to hear from somebody with experience who can also bring an out-of-the-box view of the future.
Susana Garcia-Robles
Principal, IADB Wexchange Annual Meeting
Sue's direct and engaging style coupled with her common sense and realistic approach to issues encountered by entrepreneurs resonated very well with the audience.
Natty Zola
Managing Director, Techstars Boulder
"Sue's session was powerful, meaningful and made a difference for our Techstars class (and me personally!). Sue brought us all a deeper understanding of ourselves and others by creating an environment where we felt comfortable diving into key issues."
Tech Garden
"Sue's breakout session was the most enlightening nugget of realness I have received in a long time. She's inspired a new level of accountability among people I met in that room. I know this because we're meeting to develop our own gut-check circle!"
Wild Summit
I loved this session. Sue was so empowering, so down to earth, and so real and candid that there was an instant connection with everyone in the room. She was inspiring and gave us actionable takeaways to help improve our leadership.
Conscious Leadership Group
"Sue's Taste of Conscious Leadership session was the most enlightening nugget of realness I have received in a long time. She's inspired a new level of accountability among people I met in that room."


Nancy Kepner
Executive Director, Foundation for Global Scholars
Sue’s commitment to her work with FGS surpassed any other person I’ve worked with, and I work with incredible people. She is simply a rare person who gives her all. In her presence, our team is engaged full-on. She inspires excellence – and then creates the structure for excellence to live.
Alexandra Walterspiel
CEO, Imprint Hospitality
Sue had an uncanny ability to zero in on the key issues that faced our team and helped us work through them. She did so in a very caring, compassionate and unbiased way that left all of us feeling great and energized.
Rachel Beisel
VP Marketing, QuickLeft
Sue’s ability to read people and situations coupled with her experience helped align every decisionmaker in the room on our company goals and our marketing and business development strategy.
Barry Schwarz
CEO, Rustybrick
Sue is one of those rare people who meet that not only has an outstanding creative mind but also can implement the vision without flaw.
Sarita Holzmann
President, Sonlight
Sue understood our business, helped hone and strengthen our message, came up with practical strategies on how to grow our business, and laid out a clear plan for our marketing presence. Sue is a pleasure to work with and brings much expertise.
Dave Query
CEO, Big Red F Restaurants
Sue raises the conversation by 9'10" in a 10'-high space.
Kevin Brown
CEO, Friction Labs
Sue has the gift to immediately see the big picture and how it connects with an audience. More than an idea person, Sue has the ability to create a vision and bring it to life.
Dave Cass
CEO, Uvize
Working with Sue was highly impactful and helped our team to implement a pragmatic strategy to mirror our big vision. I highly recommend and will continue to seek consulting from Sue.
Scott Meyer
CEO, Ghostery
Sue is great to work with. She holds the mirror up to our team so we can evaluate an outside perspective. At the same time Sue brings the experience of an operator so we can put that outside perspective into action.
Elizabeth Kraus
Co-founder, MergeLane
Sue is a genius at working with startups and founding teams. The best I’ve seen. Her insights are rapid and spot-on, her feedback invaluable, and her love of entrepreneurs comes through in everything she does.
Willow King
CEO, Ozuke
I feel like so much good work already has occurred since we first met Sue, and on many levels. I appreciate Sue’s willingness to work on the full spectrum – language, tools, execution. She is a catalyst, indeed.
Chris White
CEO, Shinesty
Meeting with Sue is like mainlining adrenaline. She has infectious energy. I always leave with that "I'm about to conquer the fucking world" feeling. That's one hell of a feeling. There are very few people I've met who can bring that energy out in people consistently. Sue is the best.
Shawn Osborne
President and CEO, Network for Teaching Entepreneurship
Sue asks the million-dollar questions.
Shawn Riegsecker
CEO, Centro
I am especially impressed with Sue’s knowledge and application of conscious leadership principles. I have practiced conscious leadership for over 15 years and I have worked with some of the best experts. I count Sue as one of those experts and greatly appreciate her directness, authenticity and inspiration in her work.
Alex Raymond
CEO, Kapta
Sue had an uncanny ability to zero in on the key issues that faced our team and helped us work through them. She did so in a very caring, compassionate and unbiased way that left all of us feeling great and energized.
Isabel McDevitt
CEO, Bridge House
The diverse leadership team of our growing nonprofit came together with Sue to explore opportunities to work more seemlessly together to achieve our mission. Sue demonstrated her remarkable ability to hone in on the key motivation and drivers for each individual. Sue not only led us through personal exploration; her skilled facilitation led to several profound “aha” moments for our team as a unit. In just a few hours, Sue offered a foundational understanding for how we can better complement and support each other. Our time with Sue will result in more productivity and impact for our work as individuals and as an organization.
Mark Josephson
CEO, Bitly
Sue gave us a master class on Mission, Vision, and Values, and I so appreciate the results.
Gentzy Franz
Director of Organizational Development, Uptake
As we grew rapidly as a company, operationalizing the principles of consciousness was a priority. Having Sue be the first deep conscious point of contact for leaders and key individual contributors was invaluable to our success as we scaled. Her firm and loving facilitation style sent the signal that consciousness is more than a way of doing; it is a transformational way of being. She challenged our people to get uncomfortable and provided an excellent foundation for us to continue weaving consciousness into all that we do at Uptake.


Leah Pearlman
Founder, DharmaComics
I’m not sure where Dharma Comics would be without Sue. Through her profound ability to see the reality of the present and vision for the future, she has helped develop my project from a hobby to a life’s passion, from a blog to a business.
Jim Dethmer
Founder, Conscious Leadership Group
Sue is masterful at the practice of authentic communication. For her it is not a nice theory but rather a way of life that has made her a transformational leader and a world class coach. She knows from practice practical ways to create candor in a culture. She walks the talk.
Nadya Nguyen
CEO, Hidrate
Sue is PHENOMENAL! She dives in to your strengths to truly understand your style and give the development coaching best suited for you. That alone makes the time spent with her gold. Keeping my personal style in mind, she completely revamped Hidrate's investment pitch, bringing out the very best qualities both in the pitch and in me. Sue is the best coach a startup founder could ever ask for!
Devon Tivona
CEO, Pana
Working with Sue is an experience; she is at once my teacher, partner, confidant, friend, investor, and more. Beyond my co-founders, there are few others with whom I can be 100% vulnerable about myself and my company, and Sue is one of them. She has not only been valuable, but foundational to our success thus far, because we can dive deep and unadulterated into our challenges the instant we sit down together. This transparent relationship is rare and a true treasure, as it requires massive trust and buy-in from both sides. Sue is our greatest, secret, unfair competitive advantage.
Krista Clement
CEO, Helper Helper
"Sue is that coach in your life that is extremely dynamic and inspirational. One you remember for a long long time."

Speaker Coaching

Nick Mehta
CEO of Gainsight
Can't thank you enough for the amazing speaker training work! I heard SO many positive kudos from attendees. Also I am listening to them myself (on the second one now)... super high quality and I'm taking away some uppercuts myself! Also LOVE the Hamilton rap battle reference.
Cyrus Mistry
Group Product Manager, Google
I interviewed many consultants before I found Sue and I instantly knew she was the one. Sue is one of the most intelligent, insightful, energetic, and fun consultants I've ever worked with. It is almost 100% thanks to her work and guidance that my Tedx presentation to thousands came out so incredibly well. My biggest concern is how long I'll have to wait before I can work with Sue again. If you're looking for someone to help you - look no further. There is truly no one like Sue and I would recommend her to absolutely everyone.
Seth Wylie
Principal, Customer Success Operations at Gainsight
Thank you for your help, Sue, the presentation today went great! I ran into a few people from our conference speaker training sessions, too, who said they were super happy with their sessions. So, very much appreciated. I feel like there's a lot that I can keep using again and again in the future, both on stage and in everyday meetings and interactions.
Brittany Habel
Customer Success Operations Manager at ServiceTitan
I wanted to reach out to say thank you for all your guidance and feedback throughout these speaker training sessions. This is my first time speaking at a conference, and your help was so greatly appreciated. While I have a performance background, this is a different world and your direction was insightful to say the least.
Nils Vinje
Glide Consulting
Sue's guidance and expertise enabled me to deliver an exceptional presentation at the conference and I was voted a Top 10 presenter out of more than 200!
Amy Krill
Partner, Sterling Rice Group
The event and presentations were remarkable! Thank you again for your help.

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