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"Sue’s straight-talking, incisive approach was instrumental in helping our executive team digest their 360-review feedback. Her incredible ability to help people focus and see themselves (and how they are perceived by others) with greater clarity helped unlock the value of the entire exercise."

Jason Herthel, President and Chief Operating Officer, Montage International

Sue has extensive experience in developing, deploying, and delivering 360 reviews to key leaders at global companies. 

Effective 360s can result in a radically increased understanding of a leader’s strengths and blind spots. Initiating a 360 process and seeing it through in an authentic way can also improve morale across the company as employees appreciate having a voice in the performance evaluations of their superiors. Ideally, 360s both facilitate the benefits of increasing candid feedback across the company and also satisfy employees that the company is in fact a place where authentic feedback is promoted, received, and honored.

Effective 360’s involve a sequence of important components:

  • The questions asked in the 360 review
  • The contributors to a single leader’s 360 review
  • The tool used to deploy the 360 review
  • The report generated to offer written feedback to the reviewed team member
  • The in-person delivery of the summary 360 feedback and the development of a meaningful action plan for any input requiring a shift by the reviewed individual
  • Ongoing executive coaching following a 360 review as needed with operating context for the company and other leaders

Sue’s experience in working through each of these steps makes her a valuable outside partner to executive leadership or an HR/People team in the entire 360 process.

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