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Fearlessly Facing Failure

Getting Friendly with the F Words

This talk emanates from Sue seeing the invocation to just "be a badass" one time too many.

Fear is here. We all know it, we've felt it, and we're all looking for a mindset through which to understand our fear better. 

In this talk, Sue shares relatable experience in handling fear as a close and personal friend in her own personal development. She offers audiences a structure for better understanding the ways in which their own handling of fear both both fuels and impedes the realization of their greatest potential.

The most common reaction to fear -- particularly among those coaching women leaders -- is to steamroll it, power through it, ignore it. Sue views these bids for temporary denial and relief as as fundamentally useless and ultimately detrimental. Instead, Sue recommends getting friendly with fear and all the lessons it has to offer for learning and growth. 

Through this talk, audiences will develop a greater understanding of their own inner critic. That guy or girl is a powerful teacher for all of us, and, in lieu of running over fear in pusuit of elusive badassery, Sue will offer actionable strategies for working and living with fear (and "failure," since those two "F" words are best buds) in a way that maximizes learning, growth, and our own highest version of ourselves.

Sue is masterful at the practice of authentic communication. For her it is not a nice theory but rather a way of life that has made her a transformational leader and a world class coach. She knows from practice practical ways to create candor in a culture. She walks the talk.
Jim Dethmer
Founder, Conscious Leadership Group

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Dave Query
CEO, Big Red F Restaurants
Sue raises the conversation by 9'10" in a 10'-high space.
Scott Meyer
CEO, Ghostery
Sue is great to work with. She holds the mirror up to our team so we can evaluate an outside perspective. At the same time Sue brings the experience of an operator so we can put that outside perspective into action.