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From speaking to consulting to coaching leaders, Sue delivers. She is Real. Vulnerable. Incisive. Funny. Challenging. 
“Our time with Sue was the most poignant, gritty, no-frills, productive, and purposeful facilitation I have ever experienced.” 
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Meet Sue.

Sue is a sought-after speaker, former federal prosecutor, startup CEO, investor, mentor, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, conscious leadership coach, and a fearless catalyst for change.

As the co-founder and CEO of MergeLane -- the leading investment accelerator for startups with at least one female in leadership -- Sue offers companies and audiences deep insights into how to create a culture that empowers and leverages high-potential females.

Sue is also a strategic consultant in the areas of business development, marketing, branding and growth strategy. She works closely with high-potential leaders, executive teams, startups and growth companies. See more.

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January 24, 2020

Leadership Camp: January

Friday, January 24 - Saturday, January 25, 9am - 5pm
1425 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO
April 24, 2020

Leadership Camp: April

Friday, April 24 - Saturday, April 25, 9am - 5pm
1425 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO
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Nick Mehta
CEO of Gainsight
Can't thank you enough for the amazing speaker training work! I heard SO many positive kudos from attendees. Also I am listening to them myself (on the second one now)... super high quality and I'm taking away some uppercuts myself! Also LOVE the Hamilton rap battle reference.
Jason Herthel
President and Chief Operating Officer, Montage International
Sue’s straight-talking, incisive approach was instrumental in helping our executive team digest their 360-review feedback. Her incredible ability to help people focus and see themselves (and how they are perceived by others) with greater clarity helped unlock the value of the entire exercise.
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